Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Speaking of babies growing up...

This is video of my 4 month, two day old baby starting to scoot.  Since then Leah's gotten even better at it!  We are all baffled!  Looks like we'll be baby profing sooner than we thought.. 
I know I continue to be negligent when it comes to my blog.  I've just found that moments where I've got time to kill on the computer are few and far between these days...some day I'll get back into it.  In the meantime, the best I can do it update pictures on Picasa.  I've just put all our Spring and Summer up there if you want to go take a look! 

My first born's big day...

Today there is a large void in my life caused by my first born's absence in the home. She started preschool today. She was so excited. I was so excited/nervous! She has been talking about it for months, and today her first day of school finally arrived. Last night Kevin gave her a Father's blessing and gave her a brand new Princess Backpack. We went down her "to bring" list and checked off each item before Claire packed it in her bag. Kevin and I climbed into bed with her and read her The Kissing Hand, about a raccoon's first day of school.

This morning we enjoyed breakfast as a family and discussed "What should you do if..." scenarios, hoping we'd instilled everything she needs to know before sending her out into the world. Everything from reaching out to those who may feel left out, to sharing, to washing her hands after she goes potty, to not tattling...there's so much to rememeber!!!

Afterwards we scrambled around the house like maniacs trying to get the hang of our new routine. Leah bawled because she wasn't getting her usual morning nap in, and my plans to give Claire braided pigtails, per her request, were quickly dashed because we were too rushed. I didn't even get a shower. Clearly, we'll have to make some adaptations to our plan tomorrow morning.
We made it to school on time though, and I dropped her off with her other classmates. She walked right into the school without even looking back. She immediately got in line with the other kids and it was ME who had to call her back so that I could get a hug. Needless to say, I think she's ready and I think she'll do great!  My baby's growing up!!!
(Claire greeting her teacher.)

Monday, August 2, 2010


I know we've been MIA (Missing in Action) lately.  We're still kind of in "survival mode" over here at the Osborn home.  Life is good, just a little crazy...  A friend of mine refers to it as "frenzied monotany"...so it sometimes seems like the same thing each day and yet the craziness doesn't seem to let up.

Leah will be three months tomorrow!  She's not as difficult as she was the first couple weeks, but still just a tough baby.  She still hates the vibrating seat and the swing.  Refuses to take a bottle or pacifier and we've tried every trick and bottle in the book!  No date nights for us for a while!  She still loathes the car, but will sometimes stay silent for a few minutes while she stares at her toys.  She is a real handful!  We love her, but she likes to make sure we all know she's in charge!  In more positive news, she rolls over, smiles, bats at toys, and coos and talks up a storm.  She loves baths and showers, outside, and being in the baby carrier.

Claire's three and half now.  And starting preschool in about a month.  Yikes!  She makes a fantastic big sister.  She is so patient and affectionate.  One of the advantages to their spacing is that Claire can be so mature. When she needs some TLC she can articulate, "Mom, I need some attention." or "Mom, can you read me a book without holding Leah?"  Some might think that sounds selfish, but I love that she's "using her words" instead of acting out and trying to get negative attention.  She's getting so big and cracks us up daily.

There's so much catching up to do, but I value my sleep too much to do it right now.  So, I've posted my summer pictures on Picasa and you're welcome to go take a peek.  Otherwise, here are just a couple pictures and I'll try and blog again the next time I have some down time...HA!  Whatever that is!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Overheard at the Osborn's

It's been a while!  I'm sure you've been missing some Claire-isms, so here you go...

"Ali (that's my brother's g/f), will you teach me how to Hoop-a-Loop?"--that's her version of Hoola-Hoop.

"I'm a smart cookie.  Leah's a tough cookie."--Claire describing her sister and her colicky behavior.

Me: What's Grandpa's real name?
Claire: James Gandagraf--her version of Van De Graaff
Me: What's his middle name?
Claire:  Grandpa!

While at church we were singing the song, "Families Can be Together Forever" with the congragation.  Claire turned to her uncle and corrected, "Except for when Daddy goes to work."

Claire:  You're the nicest mommy in the whole world!
Me:  Aw, thank you!
Claire: Except sometimes you're mean and then you're the meanest mom in the whole world.

Me:  Uh-oh, looks like you gave Leah your cold.
Claire:  (Touching her nose and feeling that it was still running.)  I still have my cold so how did I give it to her?

I bent over to help Claire get dressed and as I stood up I inadvertantly transferred one of the bobby pins from my hair to hers.  "Hey, how did that happen!?" I laughed.  "My hair pick-pocketed you!" explained Claire.  (My dad recently introduced her to the musical, Oliver.)

We were running late to church...as usual...and trying to get everyone in the car.  In my hurry to get her buckeled I accidently knocked over Claire's drink onto myself and let a bad word slip.  "S***!" I exclaimed, immediately throwing my hand to mouth feeling guilty for swearing in front of the wee one.  (What?  You don't yell profanities on your way to church?  Gotta make sure I've got something to repent for...)  Anyway, I climbed in the car and we sped off, moments later missing a light, and which point I muttered, "Suck it."  This time, however, Claire threw her hand to her forehead and repeated, "Suck it!"  I cringed, and apologized to Kevin, but pointed out, "At least it wasn't the other word!"  He laughed, shrugged, and said, "Eh, you win some, you lose some."  Sometimes i think it'll be a miracle if our kids turn out with us as parents!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Look what I got for my birthday!!!

So yesterday I turned 26.  It was a great day, spent with people I love, and Leah's colicky/reflux even seemed to take a day off for the most part.  And while this wasn't her first smile, it was the first one caught on camera.  I couldn't ask for a better gift!
And apologies are in order, because I must have come across as the most whiny ingrate with my last post.  I want to set the record straight...I love our "Leah Love".  Particularly after what we went through to have her, I want to make sure I scream from the rooftops that we love her, we're so glad she's here, we wouldn't trade her for anything. 

And I should also mention...Claire's been incredible--there's been no jealousy, no resentment, no outbursts, no regression, no behavior problems...she adores her little sister and she's the biggest help.  That aspect couldn't have gone smoother.  In fact, if I could be guaranteed that we wouldn't have fertility trouble in the future, I'd probably PLAN that 3 year spacing in the future...since we don't know though, we're (kind of crazily) not going to do anything to prevent more babies from here on out...but that's a post for another day...

I will admit, going from one to two was harder than I anticipated.  I will admit that her upset tummy and resulting reflux and irritability/discomfort has made her kind of a hard baby.  At least much harder than Claire (our first pancake on the griddle, as our friends call their first).  And so that's made for a bit of a bumpy transition, and maybe not even the instantaneous bonding that I expected and had with Claire.  But she's wedged her way into our hearts now and we just love her, and expect that love to only grow from here on out.  So please accept my penitence for coming off ungrateful. 

Love you Leah Love, and love those smiles--keep 'em coming!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

What do you do...

What do you do when you suddenly have two kids, one who's three and half and for the most part self-sufficient, easily entertained, and delightful...the other who's one month old and refuses to take a bottle or pacifier, refuses to go in the swing or vibrating seat, refuses to sleep anywhere besides right next to you in bed or being held, screams like it's the end of the world whenever she's in her car seat, and bawls for large portions of the day because of an upset tummy and reflux??? 
 I could tell you, but instead I'll just show you...

You make your three year old feel loved by painting her nails.

You take mildly blurry pictures of your wee one wearing cute outfits from her Momo.

You throw crackers, large pieces of sandwich meat and cheese and a plastic knife on a plate and call it "lunch" for your three year old.

You stare at your baby and think how crazy it is that she looks so much like your husband.

You purchase bizarre things off infomercials and spend delightful afternoons trying them out.  (Your wait is over--s'mores in the microwave--buy now get a second one free!!!)

You set up a tent in your toddler's room so that naps become more exciting...and then nap when she and the baby nap...and no, the baby doesn't sleep in there with her.

You let daddy take on A LOT of additional responsibilities including dishes, laundry, bedtime routines, and art projects with his three year old.

You try and enjoy the moments when your baby's not screaming her head off...which are few and far between.

You delight when cousins come to town and provide your three year old with some much needed fun and attention.

You figure out what kinds of activities you can do with your three year old while sitting on the couch nursing, including giving and receiving exciting hair-do's, reading a lot, playing computer games, watching you-tube videos, looking up jokes a toddler can understand, watching tv, and perhaps best of all watching your toddler give performances on the fireplace mantle--her make-shift stage. 

What you don't do???

You don't go many places since your baby freaks out every time she's in the car seat. 
You don't cook too many fancy meals.
You don't unpack your hospital suitcase from a month ago.
You don't do laundry or dishes or bathrooms.
You don't finish planting the garden you started.
You don't shower before 11 most days.
You don't do anything but throw your hair in a pony tail most days.
You don't get around to all the "thank you notes" you've been meaning to write.
You don't sleep in a bed with just your husband anymore.
You don't get more than a three hour block of sleep at night.
You don't call back all the people that leave you messages.
And, you certainly don't blog.

But, for the most part, you don't mind either. 

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.”
(Ecclesiastes 3:1)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Need a good laugh?

Nobody quite mentioned how tough going from one to two kids would be...still figuring out this juggling act, and reminding myself (daily!) that people all over the world have more than one kid and survive. 

So when my brother-in-law Brandon sent me this link, I got a much needed laugh amidst the chaos that is the Osborn home.  I thought this was HILARIOUS!  Thanks Brandon!


Monday, May 10, 2010

Isn't She Yummy?

The arrival of Leah Grace Osborn...

I really did try and edit this down, but I just can't seem to say it all succinctly.  So, feel free to read, but know that there's probably way more than you ever wanted to know about Leah's birth...

On Saturday night my doctor called me with some blood work results and to check on how I was feeling. I told her I was in better spirits than the day before, but she still tried to talk me into at least scheduling an induction. She told me I could always cancel it, but that at least it would be on the schedule. I gave her my permission, but told her I'd need to talk to my husband about it (and I really wanted to pray about the decision). I know inductions are common practice, and often nothing to worry about, but I also didn't want to get one just because I was "tired of being pregnant". My doctor thought my being dilated to 3 1/2 with a very ripe cervix would mean that all I needed was a "kick start" and then I could still proceed with things naturally. It was tempting, but I still had apprehensions. And, at the back of my mind I kept thinking, "But, what if I go into labor before then?"

On Sunday I went to church, cranky, modeling my newly acquired cankles, wearing flip-flops since I couldn't fit into any heels, and dealing with everyone's obnoxious comments, "You're still here!?" "When's that baby coming out?" That night we called Kevin's mom and asked her to come out on Monday night so that she'd either be there for the induction or to just help keep us busy until the baby arrived--depending on what we decided. I had another appointment scheduled for Monday morning, at which point we'd see how I was doing, and make a final decision on the induction. Monday actually became a busy day for me, a Dr.'s appointment, a lunch date, I was going to go buy a breast pump, and pick up my mother-in-law from the airport--it was kind of nice to have lots of plans to keep my mind off things. But, this baby had some plans of her own!

On Sunday night I began feeling kind of feverish and nauseous, and I began experiencing some slight contractions--but nothing regular or too painful, and since I'd been contracting on and off for weeks, it was nothing to get my hopes up over.

That night we busied ourselves around the house. A bit more tidying up, packing some of our last things, and getting the house in order. All the while I was contracting, but I still wasn't convinced it was the real deal. I had Kevin--achem--bookend the pregnancy (if you don't catch my drift, I'll tell you when you're older), since that's supposed to help things move along, and then went to bed hoping that night might be "The Night." I began waking up about every hour to a contraction. I'd get up to use the bathroom and then fall back asleep until the next contraction. It was strange because the pains became a part of my dream, and I remember describing to someone in the dream that these were what the contractions felt like last time. So my subconscious new I was in labor before I did! Around 3 in the morning the contractions were about 7 minutes apart and I was too distracted timing them to sleep anymore. I was also finally convinced that I was in labor. So I got up, and for some reason had one last spurt of nesting. I did the dishes, scrubbed out my kitchen sink, sanitized all my counters, sent off a few e-mails canceling some plans I'd made, shaved my legs, and cleaned the tub, did my hair and make-up…it was all sort of surreal. Around 4 a.m. Kevin woke up and asked if I was okay. I told him I was in labor but to go back to bed. I think he tried to sleep for about a half hour longer, but finally awoke because he was too excited to sleep anymore. He asked me how far apart the contractions were and I sheepishly told him, "About three minutes." I think that response caught him off guard. “When were you going to wake me up!?” I just figured I’d try and get as much done as I could before waking him up.

He hopped into the shower, and then called his mom around 4:45, who was miraculously able to make the first flight out. Then I called the on-call doctor, gave him a run down, “I’m 3 days past my due date, expecting my second child, experiencing contractions about 3-5 minutes apart, and positive for Group B Strep.” He told me it was time to go to the hospital! I still kind of took my time getting out the door. I called my parents around 5:15 who came over shortly thereafter. (As Kevin ran around the house, far more frantic than I was, he grabbed the video camera and kept walking outside because he wanted to tape my parents arriving. When I laughed at him, all he could do was smile and tell me how excited he was. It was so cute.) I had a bowl of cereal—pausing here and there to breathe through a contraction; the contractions were all still very manageable at this point. I think the way I was handling them gave me the last boost of confidence I needed to prove to myself that I really could have this baby naturally. I also hopped into bed with Claire for some snuggles—I didn’t wake her or anything, but I just needed to hug her one last time with her being my only baby. My parents arrived and I got a blessing from my dad and Kevin. Then my dad stayed behind with Claire, Kevin and I hit the road, and my mom followed in a car behind us.

On the way there I continued to contract although they were more like 4-6 minutes apart. Kevin drove like a mad man, and I accused him of wanting to get pulled over so that he’d finally have an excuse for his speeding. He almost missed our exit and had to cut across 4 lanes of traffic, and blew one stop sign on the way. When we did arrive he assured me knew where he was going and so we walked into the wrong part of the hospital and had to be escorted to the proper wing…we had a shaky start, but at 6:15 we were calmly and excitedly checking in to the hospital.

After four disastrous attempts at getting an IV in me, they finally got me hooked up and I began to receive the first dose of antibiotics (because of the Group B). They wanted me to have at least two doses before delivering, which takes four hours. They called my doctor who said she’d arrive after they’d begun administering the second dose of antibiotics. The plan was to make sure I’d received the needed medications and then she’d come, check me, break my water, and deliver when I was ready. (Didn’t quite work out that way…but I’ll get to that.)

They got me a nurse who was experienced with natural deliveries and who could provide me with individualized care instead of splitting her time with multiple patients. She checked me and I was at about a 5. I was happy to have at least made some progress. They hooked me up to the telemetric heart monitors (the kind you wear but can walk around with), since continuous fetal heart monitoring are required at my hospital. I was given the option of roaming the halls, but I felt more comfortable contracting and moving in my own room. My mom had arrived shortly after us and snuck me a few bites of food. Last time I wasn’t allowed to eat or drink anything, but this time I was determined not to go hungry. I got my music going and began trying a few positions to see which helped me through the contractions. At first it was just holding onto Kevin and doing figure eights. We tried a few others—some were horrible, but the one we finally discovered to be the best was with the birthing ball on the bed, and me kneeling on the bed leaning onto the ball. Not sure if you can picture that or not… As a contraction would come, I’d kind of sway on the ball, completely letting it carry my weight, as Kevin or my mom held a hot pad on my lowed back and applied counter pressure.

I had prepared a stack of post-its with positive affirmations, quotes, tips, scriptures…everything from, to “Relax your jaw.” to “Breathe.” to “Keep praying!” to “Keep peeing!” As contractions came, I could read or recall one of these notes and it helped me stay focused through the contraction. Actually that last one, proved to be one of the most helpful. In between almost very single contraction I would go sit on the toilet, pee, and just relax and release. It was nice because it meant I could really open up, and let loose during a contraction, without worrying about any other body functions. Sounds weird, I know, but it worked great for me. Anyway, I continued to manage the contractions well. I felt very relaxed and in control.

I began to wonder if I was making any more progress, but the nurse said she wouldn’t need to check me again until it was time to give me the second dose of antibiotics. I thought that was kind of a strange way to do things, but my mom consoled me by saying, “It would be disappointing to be doing all this work, only to find out you haven’t progressed much. Maybe it’s for the better.”

Around 9 a.m. Kevin went to the bathroom and I had a contraction with just my mom that left me in tears. “This one’s different,” I cried. A very brief time later I had another one just as painful, and very low in my back. “The contractions are getting ahead of me.” I cried again. I just wasn’t staying on top of them the way I had before, and they were leaving me breathless, and unable to relax. I began to worry that I wasn’t cut out for the natural thing after all. It had only been a short time since I’d been dilated to 5 cm, and I thought I had hours to go, so I began to question my ability to really do this. The nurse ran in and tried to help me through another bad contraction, and then decided to check me after all. “You’re an 8-9,” she reported, clearly surprised. So was I for that matter! She ran to call my doctor, ran back in and began preparing the room for the birth. At 9:16 another nurse ran in and tried to quietly tell my nurse, “The doctor’s not going to make it in time.” “What does that mean?” I asked! She stayed very calm and said, “It means the on-call doctor’s going to deliver this baby, and that you can have the baby whenever you feel the need to push.” Only, I already felt the need to push. So they ended up grabbing a resident from the hallway, her coat still on and everything, and she ran in.

The pain and pressure got pretty intense at that point. It was more than I felt like I could handle, but I had been counting on that moment where I thought I couldn’t do it anymore, but it was too late to turn back, and the only way to get through this was to get that baby out. So it happened just as I expected! Next, came a bit of animalistic screaming (or so says Kevin), and me yelling, “Ow!” and “I can’t!” Apparently I also prayed out loud for help, covered my mouth when I was about to let a naughty word escape, yelled at the two nurses for telling me to do contradictory things, and yelled at the nurse when she told me to hold my own legs…all that seems like a lot, but it actually happened very quickly and after about three pushes came the babies head, and then came the best feeling in the world, the rest of the baby’s body slipping out.

At 9:24 a.m. Leah Grace Osborn entered the world and joined our little family! The doctor arrived about 15 minutes later, my mother-in-law arrived about a half hour later, Claire arrived shortly after that so she could meet her new sister, and then I was taken to my room. As I was wheeled to my room, carrying my sweet new baby, I couldn’t believe she was finally here and that things had all happened so quickly. (Not having had time to get the second round of antibiotics meant that we had to stay the full 2 days in the hospital and that Leah needed some blood work and slight monitoring...wasn't too big of a deal.)

I can hardly describe how much faster the recovery has been having had a drug free, epidural free, episiotomy free, tear free,  forceps free delivery. The delivery was so quick, the recovery was so quick, nursing happened so naturally afterwards, and sweet Leah was wide awake and alert for most of the day. I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. I will without question have all of the rest of my children naturally, and I assure you, if I can do it, you can do it! My pain tolerance is nothing to brag about—just ask the people who’ve had to deal with me as I spent the week engorged as my milk came in.  I might even continue to encourage people to get the epidural the first time, but there is just nothing like birthing naturally--it was incredible. 

You may have questions...I may have left parts out...but that about sums up everything.  Shoot me an e-mail or comment if you want me to talk about other things.  Next post will be life after Leah's arrival, how Claire's adjusting, and how mom's surviving two kiddos.  Stay tuned...I'm off to nap...

Saturday, May 8, 2010

She's here!

If you follow Kevin or me on Facebook, then you know our bundle of joy has arrived.  She came last Monday, May 3rd at 9:24 a.m.  She was a tiny 7.1 lbs and 19 inches long.  She looks just like Claire!  We are in heaven.  My next post will be my birth story, but for historical accuracy, I need to include the following:

Last Friday, on my due date, when I went in for my doctor’s appointment and heard I was still dilated to a 3 ½ cm (after nearly three weeks), I was so disappointed. I got home and wrote the following, but never ended up posting it. BUT, for documentation’s sake, here’s what I’d written…

"Me in a nutshell...a large nutshell..."

So. My due date has come and gone.

I've all but stopped contracting. Anytime they do start up again they just last for a few hours and then come to a screeching halt.

I'm rapidly approaching circus sideshow territory on account of my water retention.

And because I'm so determined to have this baby naturally (someone remind me why again!) when my doctor offered to induce me yesterday, I actually said no. Hold on a second while I adjust my halo.

It was so hard to decline being induced. Dr. V checked me and saw that I hadn't progressed at all. That was most unfortunate news to hear. But I tearfully explained how I'd prefer to keep waiting. I've got my reasons why I said no--it doesn't really jive with the whole natural thing, increases the risk of c-section by as much as 50%, and it was Kevin and my 5 year anniversary so it seemed silly to pick that date as your kid's birthday. More so than anything it just seemed kind of impatient of me to try and rush things instead of listening to my body and letting things just happen on their own. In a desperate attempt to remain positive, I should point out how grateful I am for a healthy body that's taking such good care of this baby. She must really like it in there!

So I've got another appointment on Monday where we'll discuss options again. I know she'll try and encourage an induction again. She won't let me go past 41 weeks, so next Friday is the longest things could go, but I've got to admit, that seems like an awfully long time from now.

Keep you posted...just thought I'd clear up any rumors that this baby had come.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

In the meantime...

...I'm sure over-the-moon for the one I've already got...

she's. never. coming. out.

i don't think i mentioned the lady that found me in a baby boutique and told me that she was trying to build her maternity and newborn photography portfolio and asked is she could take my picture.  despite my protests that those pics are best done around 7-8 months, when you're still agile, and not retaining water, and not the size of a house, she insisted she'd love to do a shoot with me.  i figured what the heck.  i have no business posting them on here...they're a bit risque.  don't ever plan on seeing my belly again.  but here some are for your viewing displeasure...

and, you've probably figured this out...

no baby yet.

i'm a now a "roomy 3-31/2" cm dilated.  whatever that means.  the cervix is very ripe and soft.  i've dropped as much as i'm going to drop without the baby dropping out of me. and the baby's head is "sitting right there".  or at least so says my doctor.

i'm contracting plenty...but nothing regular.

i'm quite sure i'm never going to have this baby.  technically i'm still 3 days shy of my due date, so i really shouldn't be complaining.  i'm still sleeping pretty well, feeling pretty good--albeit enormous--and scored myself some sweet stretch marks on my belly, despite going 40 weeks with claire, and 38 weeks with this pregnancy without them, but otherwise all is well.  my doctor said she's be surprised if i make it to my next appointment on monday, and that any talk of being induced at 41+ weeks is moot.

and yet, all the positive reports and circumstances still leave me feeling hopeless that this baby will ever arrive.  and SO HELP ME if i have to clean my bathrooms and kitchen floors again before i deliver this baby.

anyway.  baby watch 2010 continues.  keep ya posted.

One more "belly laugh"...

Sorry if you missed out on last week's amazing "Dairy Queen" special.  As they celebrated 25 years of 25 flavors, they had a deal where you could buy one blizzard and get the second one for 25 cents!  So last Monday night I begged Kevin for some ice cream...I figure I can only play this whole "pregnant woman card" for so long, and I felt completely entitled to send my hubby on a late night ice cream run.  After much persistence he lovingly obliged, and was pleasantly surprised to discover their special upon arriving.  He called to report the good deal he'd received, and I teasingly told him how my craving must have been inspired.  As we devoured our blizzards I half jokingly told him we ought to take full advantage of the special and hit DQ up every night for the rest of the week. 

Funny, right? 

Only, he thought it was a great idea. 

So we did. 

Gross, huh?

  If by gross you mean, delicious!

So I enjoyed my last week of pregnancy (or at least what I thought was my last week) with a blizzard each night.  Then I braced myself for yesterday's appointment, where I'd be weighed and have to come up with some bogus excuse for my rapid weight gain...something about water retention...

"Nice work, Danica.  You actually lost a half pound this week."

When Nurse Vicki reported I'd lost weight I about died laughing.  She didn't get why I was so amused, but of course I wasn't going to disclose my gluttonous habit of the week, so I merely left it at, "I just took it easy this week, so I'm surprised to hear I didn't put on weight." 

I think she bought it.

Kevin on the other hand couldn't believe his ears.  Take that Jared, the Subway guy...my diet's got yours beat!

A "Belly Laugh"...while I still have an excuse for a belly.

Remember how I switched doctors about 6 weeks ago?  Well, I've come to learn that every doctors' office does a few things differently.  When you reach the stage in your pregnancy when the doctor starts "checking you" they give you a sheet to drape over your nether regions.  In my last two doctors' offices there has always been a receptacle in the room to place the sheet in after the visit.  On my third visit to the new doctor I tossed my sheet in the metal bin and was about to turn on my way, when I did a double take.  Did I just notice that bin was full of trash?!  I yanked out the sheet and sure enough it was loaded with garbage.  Still not sure how I hadn't noticed that in previous weeks, or maybe I was just one of the first appointments of the day and there wasn't much in there yet.  So I dashed to the nurse's office and practically yelled, "Vicki, have I been throwing away my sheet each week?!" 

To which she just smiled and said, "Yep." 

"I'm so embarrassed!  Why didn't you say anything?!" 

"I just figured you thought you were helping." 

"Have you had to go dig it out each week?!" 

To which she just smiled again and said, "Yep."

She must have dreaded my each and every visit!  "Oh no, not this idiot again!" she must have thought.  So afterwards I went into my doctors office and with great shame I began to ask, "Do you know what I've been doing each week?!" 

She just laughed and said, "Throwing away your sheet?"

I was mortified! I must have been the office joke for weeks.  Apparently everyone in the office knew all about me, but no one had the decency to give my a heads up.  Glad they all got a good laugh at my expense.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Surprise Sprinkle...

Last week I had a delightful surprise "sprinkle" thrown for me...so not a shower, since it's #2, and I have most everything I need, just a light sprinkling of gifts, more about a girls' night to celebrate the new baby joining the family. 
It was SO sweet of these gals.  Thanks for a fabulous night--I have the best friends! 

Overdue Easter Post...

My head's in an interesting place as this pregnancy winds down.  I am so forgetful and out of it.  Kevin just laughs at me as I occasionally slip into jibberish nonsense...last night I asked him to bring the groceries up to our room...by groceries I meant, laundry...naturally.  Come on Kev, gotta keep up with me.  I also lost our car/house keys somewhere...thought I'd left them in the car, but they haven't turned up.  Hmmm...I had other quirky things, but of course, I can't remember them right now. 

Anyway.  I meant to post Easter pictures a few weeks ago, but am only just now getting to it.  Welcome to my life...

Claire and Daddy patiently awaiting the morning Easter Hunt...

Leaving no rock unturned...

Claire's spoils.  Note to self--next time have a couple eggs with candy, the rest with pennies.  No girl needs that much candy.  I also did stickers...many which were then secretly taken back and thrown in the Easter tub for next year.  What?  The Easter Bunny's just being thrifty.

A bunny dress from Momo.  She loved it!  She begged for "princess hair" to complete the look.  That's toddler girl talk for, "hair pulled back into a bun."  And "rapunzle hair" means with a braid or two.  Just trying keep you up to speed...

Here we are decorating Easter eggs.  In the past it's always been a family affair, but this year we got around to it late, and it became an activity for just the gals.


First of all...since people are asking, I thought I'd give you a baby update...

• About a week and a half to go.  Poor Claire has been so patient.  All along we've been telling her that the baby would come in the Spring.  She sees the world a'bloom and asks daily, "Is it Spring?"  And I confirm her suspicions, and then she asks, "Is the baby coming today?!"  The other day I told her that I knew she was excited and that I was proud of her for being so patient, to which she grimaced and said, "I'm NOT being patient."  She's about as ready as I am to get this show on the road!

• Two weeks ago I was dilated to 1 cm with the baby's head sitting real low. That was promising news, but I was dilated to a one with Claire for weeks, so it was nothing to get too excited about. Kevin got the ol' treadmill up and running and I began walking indoors and/or outdoors each day--just to keep things moving. I didn't anticipate much change, however, last Monday I went in for my next appointment and was shocked to find out I was dilated to almost 3 cm and 50% effaced. Now. Let me put this is perspective for you. I went into the hospital last time, thinking I was in labor, and was still only dilated to a one. They sent me home, and I returned two days later only to be almost a 3. I got an epidural at a 3 1/2. HA! So, to be a third of the way done already bodes well for the natural childbirth I'm planning. (More on that in a moment....) I'm continuing to walk a ton, experiencing some contractions, but not as much as I did with Claire. Had my next appointment today, but things were about the same.  I wasn't too surprised.  At some point I can't dilate much more without actually being in labor.  She was going to strip my membranes (sorry, TMI), but my doctor's going out of town this weekend and doesn't want to start anything just yet.  So the waiting game continues...

YIKES. Me.  Large and in charge.

• I'm nesting like I'm getting paid to do it--seriously, you should see the list of "to do's" I've got for me and Kevin. It's long and color coded--pink for my list, blue for his, and purple for shared responsibilities. I am a nut. My list is now done. Until this weekend, his list hadn't been touched. I was beginning to worry that he was planning on starting his "to dos" when I went into labor. He was very productive this weekend, and I'm in a far better place than I was a week ago.

• I think I'm confusing Claire because I keep grabbing her and clutching her till she squeals "Uncle!"....I can't believe she's not going to be my baby in a few weeks. I am so excited for #2, and yet I feel like I'm mourning the loss of a blissful 3 year, monogamous relationship with my sweet Claire. I don't know if that makes any sense. It's just been the two of us buddies for over three years...hard to wrap my head around someone joining our party. I also worry about our Claire Bear and the way her world's going to be turned upside down--she will love it, she will make such a fantastic big sister, and be so helpful, but I know she can't begin to anticipate what a change it will be. Neither can I for that matter!

• Anyway, I'm sure a lot of you are curious about how I've decided to proceed with my delivery. (I’m also sure a lot of you don't care, so feel free to skip ahead.) What an emotional roller-coaster this decision has been! I’ll spare you the majority of it—I was “pro every drug you’ll allow me” last time around, and I seem to have swung the other way on the pendulum and now I’m going for it naturally! Things won’t be easy…my hospital has policies that essentially work against me (mandatory, continuous fetal heart monitoring, no tubs, little laboring options besides being in bed…); my doctor has a 90% epidural rate (which says something of the way she supports labors…still like her, just not seeing eye to eye with her on some things…); and I tested positive for Group B Strep which means I have to get to the hospital earlier than I’d have liked so that I can ensure at least 4 hours of medication. Grrr. And yet, even with these set backs, I feel so much better equipped and prepared for this labor—I have read extensively, I’ve made my mom read a great book on being a Doula (which is just going to have to suffice since I don’t have the real thing!), I’ve prepped Kevin, I've made my perfect laboring CDs, and I’ve attended Lamaze/Yoga classes that have left me feeling empowered, and with great breathing, relaxing, and positioning strategies. (They’re worth looking into—it’s not your mama’s Lamaze class these days. It’s really a well-rounded approach—taking from the Bradley Method, Hypno-babies, Yoga, and Lamaze—I really had a good experience.)  So I'm going to go for it.  Now accepting any suggestions or encouragment you might have...

• Anyway. I’m really feeling ready. We’ll keep you posted!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Meet Tux.

See this cute little morsel? He's named Tux. But don't let his cute, furry, Ewok exterior deceive you. 

He is not even close to being potty trained. He is teething and likes to nip fingers and pant legs. He is attention hungry and whimpers until you play with him or hold him. He is tiny enough to squash with your big toe which leads to very precarious step-taking.  And, he is living with us until his "mom" gets out of the hospital after some complications from surgery.

It's like having an Oreo that poops all over your house.
A cute Oreo.

And while we're having fun with sweet Tux, we are also relieved that we are merely pet sitters, not pet owners

Praying for you, Dede... 

*Incidentally, two days ago Claire made a wish by throwing a penny in a fountain, and said, "I wish, I wish, we could get a dog.  So the next day, we were driving home after picking up the dog from the aforementioned family, and she said "My wish finally came true!"  (But, don't worry, she knows this is temporary!)